Snow Days

one time seven moments 
3o" x 12ft.  

"Snow days" is a series of cyanotype images that explores the antithetical desire to both control that which is imminent and ephemeral, and to see chance and serendipity in action.

Through use of the cyanotype method, “Snow Days” allows for both a deliberate attempt to arrest the inevitable melting of snow and the haphazard combination of light, temperature and movement that result in an image over which I, ultimately, have no control.

Cyanotype photograms of snow on 55" x 40" watercolor paper

"Bethlehem 39ºF 3:24 PM Friday March 21 - the rake"

"New York City 21ºF 7:10 AM Tuesday February 10th - dreaming of South America"  

"Bethlehem, March 21st Friday 2014, 39ºF 2:27PM - The Ring"

""New York City 45ºF 11:32 AM Thursday February 20th - Explosion"  

"New York City 29ºF 12:00 PM Tuesday February 10th - the window"

""New York City 34ºF 10:54 AM Thursday February 27th - when it hales"

"Bethlehem, March 21st Friday 2014, 39ºF 3:06 PM - Icicles" 

"Bethlehem, March 21 Friday, 39ºF 3:33PM - the Morning After"

"Bethlehem, March 21 Friday 2014, 39ºF 2:55PM - the Eye"